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Marketing and Business Development
Magnino Consulting is a marketing and business development consulting agency dedicated to European small and medium companies developing innovative solutions in biotechnologies. We provide support and expertise in market assessment, launch strategies and business development.

We are experienced in developing innovative pre and post launch marketing activities, pre and post launch studies, opinion leader management, organisation of congresses and round-table discussions, booth/expo activities and live testing to attract traffic and generate attention.
We promote the impact and the added value of your solution with the aim of demonstrating why your solution is a better way.
Our core competencies lie around molecular diagnostic, oncology and virology.

With more than 10 years in the field of molecular diagnostic and life sciences in Europe, Canada, Middle East, North Africa and Australia-NZ we can help you building your road to success internationally.

We aim to be accessible to small businesses and pride ourselves in providing them access to the same level of marketing expertise as if they were already a large multinational organisation.

Europe wide
We are based in the south of France (Toulouse) but are working across Europe.

For more information about us, for references or informal discussion about your needs and potential  collaborations, please contact us by
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